Clarksville, Tennessee
Master Control   (901) 569-8035

The Faces of WSSE

WSSE Master Control
Clarksville TN

Harold D. Minton

"Rock Harold"

WFHC-FM, Henderson TN


WJZM, Clarksville TN

WDKN, Dickson TN

WKOA AM/FM, Hopkinsville KY

WAKQ-FM, Russellville KY

WKYA-FM, Central City KY

WECP/WWYN, Carthage MS

WFHU-FM, Henderson TN

WSSE Online, Clarksville TN

Born May 14, 1956 in Clarksville TN

Married, 9 children, 19 grandchildren

BS, MAT, Memphis State University (U of Memphis)

Retired high school teacher


Robert Anderson Glass

"Your Country Gentleman"

Born May 21, 1956 in Roanoke VA

Died November 9, 2019 in Mt. Sterling KY

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